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Our Mission

Our mission is to manufacture and process world class, pure, natural and healthy products of immaculate quality.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the best consumer brand on account of superior quality.

About At-Tahur

Status of the company : Listed - Public Limited

Company Registration Number: 00017763/20070302

Corporate Universal Identification No.: 0059952

National Tax Number: 2876798-5

Conversion date of status from private to public: 05/11/2015

Listed on Pakistani stock exchange: 23/07/2018

Free float as on 30-12-2021: 47,860,578 Shares


At-Tahur means Purity

Inspired by the Arabic word “Tahur” which literally translated means “Purity”. At-Tahur Limited has since its inception in 2007 strived to provide its consumers with dairy products the way nature intended them to be. This is why At-Tahur’s Premá milk brand launched in 2008 has in a short span of time become a household name in Pakistan for its 100% natural purity & freshness.

Ensuring highest production, processing and packaging standards, Premá milk is the only milk in Pakistan that is free of all kinds of additives and artificial growth hormones and completely traceable from Grass to Glass.

Its uncompromising fidelity to quality and purity fully backed by consumers’ confidence has enabled At-Tahur to expand its product range in less than five years. At present besides Premá whole milk, At-Tahur product range includes Premá whole milk, low fat milk, flavored Milk, yogurt, butter, and cream cheese.

At-Tahur proudly presents

Premá Dairy Products

Premá Milk is the proud produce of At-Tahur Limited. 100 % fresh, pure & nourishing. Premá milk is the first choice of all purity & health conscious Pakistani households.


Production & Processing

In order to set the highest standards in purity and nourishment, At-Tahur imported world renowned & thoroughbred Australian and Dutch cows. Produced at state of the art dairy facilities and untouched by human hand, Premá milk is pasteurized, homogenized and packed using a fully integrated and internationally compliant Cow to Consumer process.

Our Management

Rasik Elahi

Chief Executive Officer

Humza Chaudary

Chief Financial Officer


Our Values




Social Responsibility




Cohesion Innovation

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