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Premá Milk

What is pasteurized fresh milk?

Named after the famous French scientist Louis Pasteur, Pasteurization is the internationally accepted method of heat treating pure milk to remove potentially harmful bacteria and viruses. 95 % of all milk consumed in Europe, North America, Middle East & Australasia is pasteurized fresh cow's milk, just like Premá.


premá as the best pasteurized milk

Premá milk is pure and unadulterated Australian Cows' milk. Produced exclusively at our own modern farms. Premá milk is processed in state of the art dairy facilities and packed in hygienic, high quality and convenient gable top cartons. At every stage, from milking to packing, meticulous care is taken to ensure Premá milk reaches you in the purest form. Premá milk is 100% pure bred Australian Cows' milk. Free from any additives, preservatives & growth hormones. Premá milk is as pure, fresh & nutritious as nature intended milk to be.

Production of Premá Milk

Premá milk is produced by our imported, pure bred Australian cattle. Kept in a healthy and comfortable environment, our free range cows are fed a nutritious diet. Our highly experienced foreign and local experts take great care of every cow, so that every drop of milk produced is wholesome and healthy.


Processing of premá milk

Premá milk is pasteurized, homogenized and packed in our purpose built plant. Using equipment from New Zealand, the fully integrated cow-to-consumer process ensures the highest international standards of hygiene, quality, purity and freshness which is completely traceable from Grass to Glass.

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